Coupons with a Social Conscience

Find great places to stay, eat, shop, or visit from local businesses that benefit others too!

10% to Charity for Saving Money

Find great places to save using coupons and deals offered by businesses that share social views with charitable organizations. 10% of all listings sign up costs are shared through various charities. Each listing teams up with a charity at sign up and 10% of their listing is shared to that charity. By using their coupons you are helping those in need. Get started and find like-minded businesses.

See How It Works Discover how Coupons 4 Humanity can you help you find everything you want and help others at the same time.

Choose Which Cause to Help
Choose between some of the most popular and effective causes to help others while you save money.
Find Where to Save
Search and filter hundreds of listings, read reviews, explore photos and find the perfect spot.
Save More and Help Others
Go and have a good time, save money, and know that you have helped others doing what you were going to do anyway.

What Causes Move You? Explore which causes and charities are effected and which companies help them grow while saving you money..